About This Site

In this blog I'll talk about accessibility, frontend frameworks and more. For me, accessibility is a fundamental part of web development: Using semantic markup, ensuring keyboard operability, providing captions, color contrast, and so on. Ignoring these requirements, for me, is just bad design – and a sign of ignorance.

About the Title: “Oida, is des org”

The title of the blog is a pun on the Viennese dialect word “Oida” and the top-level domain “.org”. The word “Oida” is the Viennese expression for “dude”. It has great semantic versatility and can express surprise, confusion or even anger (see this video).

For me the perfect way to express the everyday life of a web developer with all its ups and downs: “Dude, that's crazy!”

Alexander Lehner in full gear in a treetop rope park
Me holding my beloved Playstation 5 still in its cardboard box

About Me

My name is Alexander Lehner and I'm a web developer from Vienna, Austria. I mainly implement web applications with Angular and React, but I'm always open to try something new. Go check out my Github page or follow me on Mastodon and Twitter.

In my free time, I like to play tabletop and card games, go for a walk, ride my bike, play PS5 games, or meet friends to hang out.